Welcome to Valor and Glory!
I'm Leopold, and I advice you to be of legal age before playing. There's some cringy jokes in the game that isn't fit for minors.. and neither is the porn.
Embark on a quest to land of Euphoria, where adventurer and monster exploit each others alike. An unfortunate event then sees you thrown out of your community, as you're forced to flee from the scene of the event. Awakening in an unknown environment, you must find your way out and rebuild your life.
Public version 0.1.6 - 27/01/2019
- Whole new perk system! It's become more visually enticing and more transparent in what perks the player will be able to choose from.
- The player's "perk board" is always brows-able from the character menu tab. It come with the ability to scroll in and out.

- The companion system is in! The first companion can be found in the southeastern area of Wetlock.
- Once acquired, a submenu will be available under the "Character" tab.
- In the companion submenu, you can equip items on your companion, check their stats and level them.
- Each level-up provides your companion with stats and a perk point that can be used in their unique perk trees.
- The companion comes with it's own unique combat logic. It can debuff enemies, and later it can attack multiple targets at once.
- Acquiring a companion unlocks a number of companion-recipes under crafting, for making companion items.
- You dying will still end the combat, even if your companion still has hp. You're the most important to keep alive.
- Currently the monsters will only attack the player. This will likely be so until I can code individual combat routines for all the monsters.

- Multi monster combat is in the game!
- Every area have been assigned an "expected player level", to fit its diffeculty. Players with a higher level than intended will now encounter 2 to 3 monsters, rather than 1.
- Every monster's gold- and xp reward is pooled together upon victory. Found items will require a code rework, and haven't been implemented as of yet.
- Victory sex scenes will always precedence based on the middle monster. So if the middle monster is a Ratling; it's a ratling you'll be banging/banged by.

- The bank has been added to Wetlock. Find it in the market area.
- Inside are two npcs, on being the teller and the other being the guard.
- The teller gives the first repeatable quest in the game. The rewards change up to a certain iteration, and afterwards it becomes sleazy (no smut yet though).
- You can store items in the bank, with the option of buying even more storage than first given.
- You can store gold in the bank, but only up to a given maximum.

- There's been added a new quest involving Bucky and her 'sis' Katie. Talk to Rodham at the brothel to begin it. It involves a good amount of fighting against the game's newest beasts, but some of the fights can be avoided by players with particular skills.
- After completing the quest, Bucky and Katie will have two sex-scenes for dick wielding players. Both scenes only has sketched art as of yet. One of the sex scenes is the winning scene from a few months back.

- Added new monster: (City) Guards. Attacks hard and can apply bleeding.
- Added new monster: (City guard) Sergeant. Has the ability to boost his fellow fighters. No monster portrait yet.
- Added new monster: Thief. Can apply poison and steal coins from the player. No monster portrait yet.

- Added new character: Old grumps. Meant for for future content. His artwork isn't finished. He can be found by the sewers in Wetlock.

- Added new player gender: The herm gender is now selectable in the character creation menu. Start out with both male and female bit

- Moohma is now romance able after having been saved from the great bulbkin. Has one scene for players with wangs.
- Feron the blacksmith has received a romance option, availble to all player types. Requires 30+ lust. - Added a new romance scene with the barkeep Moira. Requires a dong. Features amazing animation by the talented Brolaren!
- The "bang Katie" scene has received animated smut!
- The "Bucky double bj" scene has received animated smut!
- Added a new smut scene for beating the brownie. Requires a man-sausage.

- The steamy scene between Sal and Moira has received coloured artwork
- Symph's lap bang scene has received artwork!
- Symph's doggy scene has received artwork!
- Sal's female oral scene has received artwork!
- The moohmin milking scene has received artwork!
- The hidden barn orgie scene has received artwork!
- The pay guard a blowjob to enter scene has received artwork!
- The pay guards in ass to enter scene has received artwork!
- The sergeant and the thieves that's encountered during "Lost lamb" have received portraits.

- Story text has been placed into .txt files, instead of storing them in the C# script files.
The scripts that handled stories/smut/text was becoming well above a thousand lines individually, so I had to change it into something more scalable.
If you spot a "; or some other error in a text, please inform me, because it was a giant, error prone process to do :/
- Texts taking place before arriving at Wetlock, have been revised for spelling errors, bad phrasing and has been broken down into smaller paragraphs for readability.
- The code has been refactored to follow the "factory pattern" where appropriate, which will help as the project grows.
- Some area-to-area transition descriptions have been changed, so they no longer repeat what was meant as a first time experience.
- Added some darkness to the map during nighttime. Only works on outside areas.
- Player's max level has been increased to 18, but the xp requirement for levels after 10 are far higher than the current xp rewards is geared towards.
- Events the requires free inventory space will now prompt a pop-up on the map screen, if player's inventory is full.
- Monsters in the farmlands and Wetlock have receiving a boost to their xp rewards, and the bosses: Great bulbkin and Uthgarr have received a slight power nerf.
- I've removed the combat music from the scenes following a fight, because it disturbed my reading of the smut
- I've removed trigger words as "rape" and "violate", just not to get ban-hammered by patreon for bad phrasing.
- The "gale" spell for the T'charn has received sound and animation. It's my first frame-by-frame animation, so it's very ragged.
- Unlocking monster journals now also displays what items a monster might drop.
- Added a new debuff type: "Offence lowered". Lowers basic attack damage.
- The quest "Cumquats on wheels" has been lowered to killing 4 instead of 6 cumquats. One for each wheel.

- Old save files have died again, because the new perk system isn't compatible with the those stored on the saves.
Game version 0.1.3 - 22/04/2018
New features:
- The "Tent feature" has been added to the game. New players will quickly find it in the starting dungeon. Old saves will have to go there to pick it up themselves, for now at least.
- The tent allows the player to set camp and rest for a number of times. The tent will work as a hub for you and your companions.
- I've added a new NPC. His name is Zeke and he has set up shop a little southward of the castle in Wetlock, allowing the player to customize their looks for 20 gold pieces!
- Added lots of customization for male players. Visit Zeke in Wetlock to check them out.
- Added in Ginger, brothel-bunny, who can be encountered at the "Inn and out"
- Ginger comes with a romance scene for male players.
- Dusk the lion has received a romance scene, working for both male and female players.
- Smiggins now sells a "Tent repair kit" for restocking the times you can rest in the tent.
- 4 new items have been added to the game! 2 are craftable and 2 can be bought from Smiggins.
- Edited Dusk's feature, to make him look more sleak and "lion-y".
- The player win scene for the bandit (M/M) has received artwork!
- Uthgarr has received coloured artwork for all her scenes!

- I've found a way where I don't have to compress the images in the stories, so I'll begin updating the old images as we go forward. Game size will increase a bit though.
- Fixed that the player's weapon would be below the monster's sprite.
- Fixes some minor grammar errors and a parsing error in the drunk oaf winning scene.

- Someone made it clear to me it was strange I used letters in my versioning, and honestly, I can't even remember my reasoning for it. From now on we'll stick to numbers :P
Public version 0.1.1t - 30/01/2018
New features:
- The game has received race-specific sprites for the player character. No more purple man/woman during combat.
- It's possible to customize some characters during creation. Other races will receive their customization in the future.
- People using an old save will receive their race's default look. I've tried my best to make the sprites backwards compatible.
- Knight tier patreon supporters can now play as the Druchmari, the dark elves.
- Druchmari start with high charisma and intelligence, and have the perk "Dark charm", giving them charisma check bonuses.
- Uthgarr the female orc is standing guard outside the Blacksmith during nighttime.
- Uthgarr has an unfriendly first impression, but is up for drinks afterwards. She also packs a punch.
- Once on talking terms with Uthgarr you can share a cold brew with her. Male players also has the option of some tender fondling, oral and sexing.
- Two new types of status effects have been added: stunned and enraged.
- Stun adds a chance for the person to loose his turn, and rage makes the attacker ignore the defenders armor.
- Bucky has been added to the Inn and Out brothel. No sex scenes yet sadly.
- The drunken oaf have received a new special attack and he also drops beer more frequently.
- Smiggins have expanded his stock and now sells some charisma boosting clothing items.
- The ursine, humans and shoredwellers have received starting perks. Ursines have claws for unarmed bonus damage. Humans have tinkering for at chance to gain double points on crafting. Shoredwellers have scaly skin for decreased damage from enemy basic attacks. These will only work on newly created characters.
- Some of the player's animations have received changes.
- Combat have seen minor graphical changes.

- Some races was starting with the wrong stats upon creation. This has been fixed.
- Minor spelling errors.
- Fixed that the menu buttons sometimes wouldn't become active.
- Some of the drunken oaf's animations didn't work correctly
- I've made the monster's chance to blunder a special attack a fixed value instead of previous agility based system.
- The script didn't calculate correctly how much hp boss the bosses should have. This has been fixed. You're lucky off if you've already beaten them :P
- The great bulbkin will now reward xp to the player upon defeat.

- Sorry for the long wait. Personal matters and the sheer numbers of sprites made this a longer update to finish.