Welcome to Valor and Glory!
I'm Leopold, and I advice you to be of legal age before playing. There's some cringy jokes in the game that isn't fit for minors.. and neither is the porn.
Embark on a quest to land of Euphoria, where adventurer and monster exploit each others alike. An unfortunate event then sees you thrown out of your community, as you're forced to flee from the scene of the event. Awakening in an unknown environment, you must find your way out and rebuild your life.
Game version 0.1.9 - The dragon catacombs!
New features:
- Added new area for you to explore: The Dragon catacombs! Find the quest that starts it all at the bounty board in Wetlock!
- To access the new area, your character has be level 5+ and visit the Wetlock bounty board to start the quest chain.
- A new race for the knight tier players: Pack bred canines!
- New items!
- New puzzles!
- New enemies!
- 5 new monster smut scenes! (colored)
- 1 new bad end smut scene! (colored)
- 2 new smut scenes with npcs!
(Uncolored) - New npc characters!
- New spells!
- The Starting dungeon has received storyimages for all its events.
- You can now access the game's options from the starting menu.
- All game text has been sharpened, to make for a clearer reading experience.
- New armor set for the dog companion
- Updated graphics here and there that was very low resolution

- Smut scenes are now split fifty/fifty, so that one half always have the art/animation and the other has the story.
- Changed the inventory screen so it now shows the player sprite, rather than a generic drawing of the race.
- The code handling quests has been optimized.
- Changed the design of the race selecting screen.
- Changed how the multiple-choice scenes work.
- Physical damage algorithm has been reworked. Bonus physical damage now has a lot more importance in combination with strength.
- Magical damage algorithm has been reworked. Bonus magical damage now has a lot more importance in combination with intelligence.
- The perk "Claws" has been changed to +100% damage if main weapon and offhand are empty.
- The perk "Brawler" has been changed from +5 damage to +5% damage.
- All enemies has received changes to their stats to accommodate to the new damage algorithms. This is still very much in testing!
- Ratlings now also has a chance to drop rocks.

- Fixes a bug that caused the sergeant Darrin encounter to crash
- Sleeping at the inn now restores the health of companions
- You can now properly read about your race's perk in the perk view
- Fixed an issue where the human female sprite didn't fit her clothing
- Fixed a bug where the crafting menu for companions would bug
- Fixed an error in the brownie voyeur scene
Game version 0.1.8 - Bounty boards and bad ends
New features:
- Bounty board has been added - it can be found at the barracks in Wetlock
- I've been adding some small drawings to the story segments - hopefully making a little interesting. More will come with time.
- Bad ending scenes - Some of the game ending beasts now has a scene, describing just how your game ends. It's always smutty.

New scenes:
- The sergeant has received a
bad end scene - animated and colored - Another bad end scene for the newly added monster - animated and colored
- Mag'ie the bank teller can now reward players with penises - animated

New character: The Collector
- Sells a series of items. Can be found by a quest from the bounty board

New Boss:
- The croconoid monster has been added to the game

New Quests:
- A new quest where you take on the Croconoid in the sewers
- A new quest to introduce the player to the collector

- I've invested some patreon money into a sound effect pack, and I've added a few of them to the game.

- There's been added a handful of new items, which is sold by the collector
- Knapsack: increases inventory space
- Travelers stone: Unlock quicktravel - Ruffle drake amulet: provide bonus
gold on random encounter wins - M-Puppet: Grants bonus mana and intelligence
- Bunny of null: Grants charisma and agility

- The male human has received more colors for his hairstyles

- The Brownie and Red slime have received new combat portraits

- Doggy has received a new skin - Meet Lava doggo!

- Removed the lust requirement for Feron's scene - it was more of you being the seducer scenario.
- The dog companion's max level is 10, but now upon reaching max level, the companion's xp should correctly state that it has reached "max level".
- The bank was a bit buggy and not as user friendly as I wanted. I've tried to rectify this.

- Fixed that changing races during the character creator, set hp and mp properly
- The Uthgarr drinking scenes weren't working due to some old and bad code I've made. It's fixed now. Sorry...
- I've tried to improve upon how sounds are played, since people were experiencing overlaying background tracks. Tell if it still continues.
- Fixed that the boner staff froze combat.
- Fixed an error where clicking continue rather than oral in Feron's romance option resulted in a blank screen.
- The combat background for the sewers where visible behind the other combat environments
- Some of the statuseffects in the game was causing crashes. I've tried to fix this, but notify me if it persists.
- Fixed an issue where the tooltip wouldn't show for the companion's stats.
- Fixed that the code "Perverseknowledge" now can be typed.
- Having either the "ballad boost" status effect or the "well fed" status effect resulted in not being able to save. It's fixed now.
- Fixed a mistake where the watcher's robe graphic showed it needed bones to be crafted.
- Fixed an issue where the magical harem pants couldn't be crafted.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't drag bank inventory around
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't remove items
- Fixed an issue where the loot icons would turn all black rather than empty.
- The item amount numbers still had raycast targets on them, which messed the drag and drop up if you release the mouse with the pointer on the number.
- Might have fixed an issue with the companion's items disappearing, but I'm not certain. Report if it reappears.
- Fixed another error with status effects denying players the ability to save
- The charisma items Smiggins sold had the wrong icons
- Fixed that the meaty sausage can now be eaten
- Fixed that quicktravel wasn't working

- I've spend some time of May implementing some version control to Valor and Glory. It basically means I always have the project backed up and I can rollback if something goes bad. My former solution of using dropbox was an absolutely pitiful one - shameful to my programming peers.
Game version 0.1.7 - Sewers are open... kinda
New area: Sewers!
- New area to explore
- To enter you must complete the quest about helping the Belle sisters, in the Wetlock Brothel. It also involves an animation Brolaren scene~

- New monster: Kobold! Can be encountered in the sewers.
- New monster: Dire ratling! Can be encountered in the sewers. (Has the same fuck options as the normal ratling)
- 'New' Monster: Thief! Can be encountered in the sewers - same model as encountered during the Belle sisters quest.
- Each new monster comes with an animated scene, should the player suddenly lose ;)
- After completing the Belle sister's quest, guard enemies will now spawn inside the Wetlock area. They aren't tough in stats, but are deadly encounters - be sure to win.

New artwork:
- Ol' Grumps has received animation artwork.

New features:
- Patreon on the knight tier now have access to "companion skins". Change your dog into a MECANICAL HOUND of foreign industry!
- Companions don't have their armor pieces shown if you've changed their skin.

- Added new hairstyle colors for the human female

- The drunken oaf and bandit have received journal descriptions.
- The new monsters has also received journals.

- Added a new perk: Prudent student. Add 1 additional stat point when leveling up.

- You now have the option to CHANGE THE FONT of the game. It's found under options. Some people have been requesting this feature.
- (If you find any areas of the game where the font seems to be missing, please inform me.)

- I've changed the position of character/enemy nr. 3 during combat.
- The monster's stats during combat have been changed. No longer will there be a large image version. Only the small portrait. This is to save in game size.

Saving and loading:
- I've tried to change how the saving works, to see if it can become more robust between versions. It'll take some time to see if there's been an improvement.
- Ironically this has broken old saves.

- Your companion can now be attacked during combat. Upon reaching 0 hp, they can't continue fighting.
- Companions will revive for the next match, with 1/3 their max hp.
- I've added some sound effects to the doggie when howling or biting.

Monster attack changes:
- All monsters have received their own logic for attacking, and with that, there's been some changes.
- Monsters can no longer "fail" a special ability, but will instead do a basic attack.
- The Ratling's ability "Arousal" now also applies a small amount of lust to itself.
- The Red Slime will now potentially attempt a heal for 15hp, when coming below 50% health.
- The tiny spider boss can now apply poison on basic attacks, and has received a "Web" special attack.
- The woodrunner's vines ability has been revised and received animation.
- The forest golem's "rejuvinate" ability has received animation (it's the same as the mend spell).
- The boar has received a second attack: Gore.
- The Moohmin has received a new attack: Earth spike.
- The Cumquat has received a new attack: Juice squirt.
- The great Bulbkin's beam attack now has a chance to apply "burning" to the target and has received animation.
- The Bandit's steal attack has received additional animation.
- Drunken oaf's beer toss attack now does damage.
- The guard's attack "Laziness" now restore 10hp to the guard.
- The Sergeant now has the ability "boast", which increases the damage of his subordinates.
- The stun animation has been changed.

- Fixed an issue where the mouse would block for the tooltip, when scrolling over a status effect icon.